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Payment Ledger

View and Print the Payment Ledger and Payment Estimates



View District Ledger


This is the FSP Payments Ledger page, which allows all viewers, internal and external, to view the SOF Payment Ledger  by district, school year, and ledger type.

View District Ledger

To view the Payment Ledger, in the gray box labeled District Ledger:

  1. Enter the six-digit County District Number (CDN) for the district ledger you wish to view in the District Number field. As you type the number, the application will provide an auto-complete drop-down that allows you to select from a list of districts whose CDNs match the digits you have already entered.

  2. Select the school year for the ledger you wish to view.

  3. Select the ledger type from the Ledger Type drop-down list.

  4. Click the button for View Ledger to view for the criteria you entered.

The ledger matching you criteria appears. Most ledgers show the following columns:


Note that the Chapter 41 ledger displays slightly different columns, since the ledger records money owed to the state from the district rather than vice versa (see screenshot at the top of this page).  The Chapter 41 ledger displays the following columns: